Author: Peter Garraghan


Accepted IEEE TSC paper on Stragglers

Our paper titled START: Straggler Prediction and Mitigation for Cloud Computing Environments using Encoder LSTM Networks has been accepted for publication within IEEE Transactions on Services Computing.

This work was completed in collaboration with Imperial College London, The University of Melbourne, and Queen Mary University of London.


Best Paper Award at IEEE JCC’21

Our paper An Empirical Study of Inter-cluster Resource Orchestration within Federated Cloud Clusters has been awarded best paper at the 12th IEEE International Conference on Joint Cloud Computing, 2021.


Accepted ACM paper on SDN & CPS attacks

Our paper titled Controller-in-the-Middle: Attacks on Software Defined Networks in Industrial Control Systems was accepted for publication in the 2nd Joint Workshop on CPS & IoT Security and Privacy (CPSIoTSec’21).

This work was completed in collaboration with the University of Bristol.